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This is why women live longer than men

This is why women live longer than men We’ve put together a selection of 24 photographs which show that there is a kind of resourcefulness that only men seem to display. Women shouldn’t be jealous of this, however, for as you can see, it’s often characterised by a complete absence of the instinct for self-preservation. What would we do without these guys?

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14 cute illustrations that perfectly sum up the life of a typical couple

14 cute illustrations that perfectly sum up the life of a typical couple True love is not only about dates and presents … But it is about dates, presents, and a lot of happiness that we get from our significant other every day! Despite the fact that all people are different and each of us has our own understanding of love, we know for sure that the following situations are familiar to everyone.

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Memorial Day 2016 Messages

On Memorial Day 2015 I found myself doing something which I had never done before; indeed, something which at one time I could not even have conceived of doing: conducting a service of worship. Memorial Day has been largely abandoned to Veteran’s groups conducting military services in a few larger cemeteries. The response of the Church has been either to ignore the day altogether, or to so drape it in red, white, and blue that the nation–and not the Triune God–becomes...

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Memorial Day week end 2016

Significance of Memorial Day 2016 Memorial Day 2016 formally known as Decoration Day, is a federal holiday observed yearly on the last Monday of May. Memorial Day 2016 is a day that commemorates all men and women who have died while serving in the military for the United States of America. History of Memorial Day The history of Memorial Day 2016 dates back to the American Civil War. It started as an event to honour soldiers who had died during...

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15 Memorial Day pictures to break you into tears

We have managed to gather 15 Memorial day Pictures for 2016 that can break you into tears. Kindly avoid these pictures if you have a weak heart. Following are the few Memorial Day Pictures. While you are enjoying the holiday these pictures might help you understand why Memorial day is celebrated. As Memorial day 2016  like other memorials in the past is a solemn day. It is to express our feelings of honor and respect for those who died serving the...

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Memorial Day 2016 Celebrations|A Memorial day in honor of fallen heros

Memorial Day 2016 Celebration |  A Memorial day is celebrated in honor of our fallen heros. The knights who have fallen in past to secure our future. Memorial day 2016 is celebrated in honor of the soldiers who sacrificed their lives for nation like the soldiers deceased in the civil war of 1800 between the North and South America and other military soldiers deceased while serving the nation. If some one ask you what is memorial day you might tell...